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Closure Discharge Instruction

  1. Medication given may have significant effects after discharge, therefore you must be accompanied by a responsible adult upon discharge.
  2. Do not drive a motor vehicle, operate machinery, power tools or appliances, drink alcoholic beverages, or make critical decisions for 24 hours.
  3. You may resume your regular diet but it is better to increase intake slowly with liquid and working up to solid food.
  4. Walk frequently for the next 2 days (at least 10 minutes per hour while awake). If you cannot walk, perform calf pump maneuver (ask staff how this is done).
  5. Leave the dressings on until the next day, when you remove them you can then take a tepid shower. Begin wearing your hose for 2 weeks while awake. Do not sleep in the compression stockings.
  6. Mild discomfort, bruising, oozing or swelling is normal.
  7. Veins may appear worse before they get better.
  8. Take all medications as prescribed. (Keflex and Vicoprofen) You may take Ibuprofen of Aleve for minor pain.
  9. Wait at least 2 weeks before getting in a spa/hot tub or taking a hot bath. Tepid showers only for 2 weeks. No heating pads.
  10. No heavy lifting (50lbs. or greater) for the next 6-8 weeks.
  11. You may resume aerobic-type activities after 2 weeks, but wear the compression stockings.
  12. You may begin walking immediately.
  13. Please call the office if you have any fever, severe pain or redness.
  14. If you have any serious concerns after hours, the on-call staff is available through the answering service at 936-539-4031.


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